2017A CORT State Of The League Address

Well here we are. Season 10 in the books. And what a season we had! A crazy finish to our historic tenth season and it saw Mike Husby win the Cup title. James Gutta, the next night became our first ever Dirt champion, to go along with his CORT Pro title, and Tyler Tucker, what feels like forever ago, won the CORT GT title. Before I go any further, I’d like to congratulate those who won titles this season.

Also before I get too much further, I wanna thank everyone who came out and made CORT Season 10 the best season in the league's history. We saw huge gains with the Cup Series, seeing our largest consistent fields ever and the largest profile the league has been put under.

But with big fields and big talent, comes big responsibility, and that’s where this comes in. Not only will the CORT National Cup Series be moving to a ‘locked’ capacity, requiring new or questionable drivers to race on Tuesday’s starting this season, we are announcing the implementation of an incident review and penalty point system. This is similar to a system used in the FIA, and will help cut down on aggressive or careless driving, especially in the back half of the field where we have seen issues late in the season.

The system will have a licensed point structure, from 0 to 10, with “0” being a clean sheet and no punitive action taken, & “10” being very serious. Not every incident will be reviewed post race, but if we see something, or if a driver involved is requesting a review, we will look at it. This will include these things, along with what each occurrence will cost as far as penalty points goes.

  • Failure to slow down for accidents: 2 Points

  • Failure to maintain control of vehicle with no influence from another: 1 Point

  • At fault for creating a multi car incident: 2 points

  • At fault for creating a multi car incident on the first 3 laps of a restart: 3 points

  • Intentionally using your vehicle as a weapon to damage another’s vehicle with the intent to incapacitate: 5 points

When a Driver hits 3 points, he will receive a warning for his driving conduct. If the driver amasses 4 or more points in one race, he will be required to start the next CORT Cup Series event they are in from the rear of the field. If a driver reaches 8 points, he will be required to run in a CORT Trading Paints Tuesday event and pass an evaluation from the Cup Series Director. All of this is up to administrative discretion.

These points will reset at the beginning of the CORT National Cup Series Playoffs.

Again, not EVERY incident will be reviewed, only requested incidents or what the administration feels needs to be looked at. Excessively asking for reviews can also be grounds for penalty points as well.

Whew. With that done, here’s some other exciting things ahead for next season:

  • A move to 20% initial grip will make car handling more of a premium, at least early in events.

  • The season’s been lengthened by two races - now back to 18 events, the longest season we’ve ever promoted - to help the regular season and the Round of 6 in the Playoffs even out to specific numbers (Regular Season is back to being 10 races, Round of 6 is now a 3 race round like the Round of 10)

  • Entry to the Cup Series will be harder now: New Drivers looking to make the Cup Series will be required to participate in either CORT Trading Paints Truck Series events, CORT American Supercars events, or a combination of the two. Drivers will only be “promoted” to the Cup Series at three points in the season: ahead of Race 3, Race 6 and Race 9. No promotions will be done during the CORT National Cup Series Playoffs.

  • The Cup Series, along with every other CORT division, will be moving to new league tabs this season. You will be invited to them when you sign up. This will be done to lock in numbers and make necessary name changes.

  • The incident cap will no longer be used in the CORT National Cup Series. This new penalty format is designed to replace it.

  • The CORT National Cup Series will have a broadcast this season. We are looking at the Atlanta event, the second race of the season, on August 16th.

Some other things when it comes to our other series. The CORT Trading Paints Truck Series is back for the first time in a year and a half, and will see the trucks visit bigger tracks then they used to, but will also see the series do some things old and new: The Trucks will still retain the halftime caution that we used to have when it was a regular series, and will also become the first pavement CORT series to race on Dirt, on October 3rd.

The CORT American Supercars (nee V8TCC) return for the first time since 2016B and will be the first CORT division to kick off their season with a 60 lap race at Lime Rock Park. Every race is in North America, and chances are if you’re running in the Cup Series, you have a lot of these tracks! We will be going to Gateway’s infield road course, Auto Club’s infield road course, and a popular request from some, we will finally be going to Homestead-Miami’s infield road course as well. However that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the permanent road courses that dot the landscape of America, We’ll be going to such tracks as Road America, Mid-Ohio and Road Atlanta as well!

The CORT Super Dirt Tour will have more details to come later, but I can say this: We’re gonna have double the fun this fall.

Once again, thank you all for the support this season, and we’ll keep it going as long as people show up and are having fun! Our 5 year anniversary is October 8th and we intend on making Season 11 almost as memorable as the last 10 combined!

David Damboise

Head Administrator

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