12 Questions: Chris Swett

1. How long have you been sim racing? -

I've been sim racing since 2005. So this would be my 12th? Year. I think. Math is hard haha. 2. Do you remember your first sim race? If you do which car, where, and how did it go? -

Oh God yes. Openspeedway servers in nr2003. It was the cup car, and I think I wrecked out because I wasn't using a wheel. 3. What are some other hobbies you like to do outside of sim-racing? -

I'm into sports, baseball/softball was big in my family. I played on 3 coed teams last summer. Winter time I'm playing men's league basketball, so that's fun. Pretty much anything that gets me away from a computer as much as possible. 4. What is your favorite type of race track and why? -

now, I know you're expecting me to say superspeedways, but I really love road courses. It's fun to throw the car around. 5. In actual auto racing who do you base your driving style off of? -

since I only win at plate tracks, probably Michael Waltrip. Most other races, I'm just kinda there. 6. If you could build a auto-racing Mount Rushmore who would be on it? -

hmm, probably Lee Petty, Bobby Allison, Cale Yarborough, and David Pearson. They were essentially the founders of our sport. Yes Richard petty, Dale, Darrell Waltrip were huge, but those 4 are the founders. 7. Favorite Movie? -

favorite movie?- Probably Ghostbusters. How can you hate it? 8. What are some things on your bucket list?-

Drive across country, move to North Carolina (which I'm doing in june), go to the Daytona 500, and go to the Rolex 24. 9. This question is from Mike Husby. On a scale of 1-5 stars, how good is Papa Jim’s compared to american Topper’s Pizza? -

8 stars Papa Jim's is hands down better than toppers. 10. Celebrity Crush?- Mila Kunis 11. We are entering CORT’s 10th season. What is your favorite CORT memory?-

probably winning the Daytona 250. It was a long time between league wins. Being pushed by one of my best friends (Steve Luvender) was a really awesome moment. . 12. Next week I will be asking Nick Staller 12 questions do you have a question for him? -

hmm, what's his favorite “teamspeak” moment?

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