2016B State Of The League

Well 2016 has come and gone and this season was quite an exciting one for us at CORT. I’m still beside myself at the fact that we have done this for 4 years, and next year, we will have a pair of historic seasons: first the 10th in CORT’s history with 2017A, and we will cross over the 5 year mark in 2017B. I never saw myself running a league, let alone through all the stuff I (and more importantly, you guys!) have been through, yet here we are at the crossroads of a monumental year for the Championship Online Racing Teams.

We had 11 different winners in 16 races in the CORT TeamSpeak Cup Series and while Nick Kohan did come in at the end of the season and won the final 3 races of the year, I still think the title in 2017A is wide open. The new Playoff format has been nothing but great for the league, making every battle during the regular season, even those down the order, mean so much more, and then being absolutely vital in the Playoffs.

2017 will see us tweak the format slightly for the upcoming season: the opening round will go from a 2 race round to a full, NASCAR style, 3 race round. Also, with the points leader getting a first round bye, we will add another driver to the Round of (now) 6. 9 people fighting for just four spots was a little too drastic of an elimination, so a move to add another driver should help it be a little more forgiving. Another exciting dynamic is the random draw for the Finals. Those will be announced in the drivers meeting at California on June 14th, and will be randomly drawn from venues 1 mile or larger, that are not a superspeedway that are not currently in the Playoff field. This does mean that there is a chance that a track could make a repeat appearance in 2017A. You can find the 2017A eligible tracks here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14k_YnU5RDo1SRWaLmCwXAVoeXxyqDhkS4Gkcb_M6Jig/edit?usp=sharing

Like I said when we introduced the format, we were willing to tweak it accordingly, and this is a continuation of that. I hope we nailed it down after this season, and we can leave it as is in future seasons.

We also will have some important rule changes for the 2017A season:

  • Superspeedway races will have just 70% of the fuel that speedways have (road courses, such as the April 12th date from Sonoma, will remain 50% fuel).

  • Track useage will be lowered 10% to 65% use, and also have marble cleanup.

  • The requirement for two green flag laps at the end of a race is dead, so 1 lap shootouts are back on the table in 2017A in Cup.

  • Provisionals are different for 2017, the first one being Last Place Points -5, and the second being Last Place Points -10. You will only have two provisionals for the whole season, as the third was rarely used.

  • To celebrate CORT’s historic 10th season, all Playoff branding on cars will be Silver instead of Green. The TeamSpeak Green branding will return in 2017B.

Moving onto CORT Trading Paints Tuesday and our two series that will operate on that night, the CORT Pro Series and CORT GT.

The CORT Pro Series, which will emulate ARCA and run with the K&N series Impala, could be a sleeper hit in 2017A. We’ve run the car as a Winter Series car before, and it produced a lot of clean fun racing. The series will run with just 50% fuel and will see 40% grip. There will be a test for this series on January 24th at Daytona to build a good Daytona set. This series will kick off on February 21st, the night before our 15th Daytona 250.

CORT GT will be CORT’s first ever Open Setup series. We’ve never done it before and I think the GT3’s will be the perfect place to start doing it. There is a wealth of setups on the iRacing forums. The cars will be limited to 40% fuel and this series will start January 31st with a 60 minute race at Daytona. There will be 1 reset every race and full course cautions are on the table for the first 5 minutes of every race. There are also strict rules to not change your car mid season or per race. Whatever car you race with at Daytona, is what you’re racing all season. Choose wisely!

A couple general league items: Here is a style guide to the new logo along with PSD’s for each logo. Please read the included PDF for proper branding: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hn5dypis0l617u2/CORT%202017A%20Style%20Kit.rar?dl=0

Also, like I said in the Town Hall meeting back in November, I don’t want to see the old logo on anything. Please update your decal layers and cars accordingly.

Thank you and let’s make CORT’s 10th season its best yet!

David Damboise

Head Administrator, Series Director of the CORT TeamSpeak Cup Series

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